As one of the major classes of fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRPs), various types of FRPs are used extensively in different engineering applications such as airplane components, marine structures, automotive and electronic industries. Fiber reinforced polymer composites have become proper substitutes for traditional materials like metals, metal alloys, wood, etc. due to their prominent properties such as lightness, ease of processing and relatively low cost.

The CRLab provides a wide range of equipment to manufacture polymer based composite and nanocomposite materials such as ultrasonic homogenizers (sonicator) and high-speed mechanical mixer, vacuum oven for degassing. A variety of manufacturing techniques (i.e., Hand lay-up, Vacuum Assistant Resin Infusion Molding (VARIM), Silicon Mold Processing) are available at CRLab.

Using a Universal Testing Machine, Nanoindentation Instrument, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), we can characterize and measure the mechanical and thermal properties of wide variety of materials.